ND Day 2017

Mon Apr 24, 2017, 6:42PM - 10:00PM


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The Snite Museum of Art is participating in this year's Notre Dame Day, the global celebration of all that makes the Notre Dame family Proud to Be ND. The 29-hour fundraising campaign will give the Snite Museum a chance to benefit from a percentage of $1 million. 

The Snite Museum's share of the proceeds will support the efforts of the Student Advisory Group. This group of fifteen students - hailing from different colleges, majors, dorms, and years in school, but all sharing a passion for the Snite Museum - helps the Museum strengthen its relationship with the student body. They serve as a sounding board for Museum staff and plan programs that share the Museum with their peers. 

With Notre Dame Day, every gift counts, every vote matters, and every student benefits. Your donation of at least $10 will ensure students have the opportunity to enjoy the Snite Museum of Art in more ways.

The Snite Museum Student Advisory Group plans and hosts creative, academic, and social events at the Museum specifically for students. Their work shows students how to enjoy the Museum in multiple ways. Some examples of their work during the 2016-2017 academic year include:

- Professors Pick Series: inviting faculty from across the University to share their favorite work of art, this program creates informal opportunities for students and professors to discuss and exchange ideas about works of art in the Museum's collection

Trivia Snite!: students come to the Museum in teams ready to test their random knowledge in all sorts of categories inspired by the Museum's collection.

Sketching Workshops: students have the chance to get their hands dirty with different materials, no prior art experience required.

Pumpkin Decorating and Easter Egg Dying: the Student Advisory Group set up stations for students to continue creative traditions they often do with their families, but do not usually have the opportunity to do at school.

Study at the Snite Museum: during reading days, the galleries are filled with tables and chairs and the Student Advisory Group provides coffee and snacks all day long. These are the quietest days of the year in the Museum as students use the inspiring space to prepare for finals!

Click on the link below to go to our ND Day page to GIVE & VOTE NOW to support ND students and these great programs.


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