Third Stop

George Rickey

1986 018 V0001
George Rickey, (American, 1907–2002), Two Conical Segments Gyratory Gyratory II, 1979, Welded stainless steel. Mr. and Mrs. Al Nathe fund, 1986.018

George Rickey was a South Bend artist, known for his whimsical, kinetic sculptures. Needing very little air to move, his sculpture is like living poetry, shifting with even the smallest fluctuations in the surrounding world. Several of his works can be seen in motion today both in the atrium and courtyard of the museum and the sculpture park.  His work can also be found in national and international institutions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Though less directly connected with the University than Mestrovic, the Snite, along with the South Bend Art Center, played host to both Rickey and his work as a part of his retrospective in 1985, demonstrating the role the Snite can perform as a cultural bridge between campus and the surrounding community. 

**Many don’t know that the Snite has an extensive photography collection.  Our photography curator, David Acton, has just published a detailed catalogue of the photographic works in the collection and the fruits of his labor are on display as this semester’s temporary exhibition, which opens Tuesday, August 11th. Come back next week to view the exhibition in person! Click here to view an online version of this exhibition and some of the works within:

It’s time to head upstairs. The stairs are on either side of the Atrium. Once up there, take a stroll around the open space that looks into the Atrium below - you can see more Rickey’s stationed along the ceiling. Then, find your next stop — a bright yellow painting near the entrance to the Modern gallery. Scan the QR code to learn about an overlooked piece of Notre Dame’s history. **