Second Stop

Ashbaugh Madonna 

1973 074 V0001
Ivan Meštrović, (Croation, 1883–1962), Ashbaugh Madonna,1917, Wood. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. R.G. Ashbaugh Jr., 1973.074

Another iteration of Mary, this particular piece is representative of the University’s relationship with the arts and one artist in particular - Ivan Meštrović. Invited to Notre Dame by Fr. Hesburgh in 1955, the Croatian sculptor’s work can be seen all over campus from the Pieta in the Basilica to the figures outside of O'Shaughnessy Hall. As a professor and artist in residence he worked to blend his national identity and Catholic religious roots into his sculpture - his studio space was the gallery to your right. With this particular Madonna, Meštrović plays with traditionally Medieval styles, carving from a single block of wood.  The treatment of the cloth and roundedness of the sculpture are typical of his work, highlighting the peace and serenity of the spiritual figures. The legacy of the University's relationship with Meštrović is an ongoing appreciation for public sculpture and a campus populated by his - and his students - beautiful work. 

**Now it’s time to go outside! Walk back towards the row of doors at the far end of the Atrium and head outside. Look around for the moving sculptures that populate this space.  A note about the courtyard - it’s always accessible during museum hours and a wonderful place to sit outside and study. Scan the QR code to learn about an influential artist from right here in South Bend. **