First Stop

Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe 

2002 018 V0001

Unidentified Mexican Artist, Our Lady of Guadalupe (Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe), 1729, Oil on canvas. Gift of Mr. Ignacio Aranguren ND ’52, his wife Pirri, and their sons Luis ND ’84, Ignacio ’85, and Santiago ’92, 2002.018


This piece represents the Virgin Mary as she appeared to Juan Diego, a convert to Christianity. Iconographic both of Catholic imagery and Mexican national identity, this depiction of Mary is particularly dazzling and full of color and life. Founded as it was by Holy Cross Priests, Notre Dame has strong Catholic roots and, as the name suggests, a particular connection to Our Lady. As a result much of the art in the Snite, both collected and donated, reflects those roots. Not all Catholic traditions look exactly the same, however, and this piece is a beautiful representation of the ways in which many religious traditions, whether forms of Catholicism or wholly separate religious traditions, come together in our campus space.  

**The next stop is towards the back of the Atrium. Another beautiful Mary, this one of wood, stands sentinel outside the African gallery, just beyond the decorative and elaborate dishware of yet another culture. Scan the QR code to learn about Notre Dame’s relationship with this artist and his work. **