2021–2022 Snite Museum of Art Essay Prize Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 20212022 Snite Museum of Art Essay Competition. In addition to being published in the journal Fresh Writing, the winners' essays are also published below. 

First Place: Alyssa Miulli, "A Boy with Burdens: Analyzing Themes of Colonialism and Environmentalism in the Art of Yinka Shonibare"

Second Place: Samantha François, "A Maquette Made of Oil"


Previous winning essays:


First Place: Trinity Cha, "Meditation on Reclamation"

Second Place: Rory St. Hilaire, “Landscape with Factory: A Rare Critique of Belgian Industrialism”

Third Place: Kendra Lyimo, “Window to the Soul”



First Place: Alexis Kelly, "Composition (1923) at the Intersection of Painting and Photography"

Second Place: Sydney Heller, "In Regards to Rhetoric, Gun Violence Can Be Both Aesthetic and Atrocious"

Third Place: Hannah Harris, "Harvesting the Path to Freedom"



First Place: Angelica Ketcham, "Art and Passion: The Dark Side of Greatness"

Second Place: Molly DeLuca, The Madonna

Third Place: Elena Wernecke, Maquette for Tunnels



First Place: Patrick Hidalgo McCabe, "Wounds Left in the Earth"

Second Place: Olivia Barnard, "A Pomegranate: Fruit of Womb, Spirit of Life, Fruit of Virtue"

Third Place: Mary Killeen McCans, Nicole Miller in Repose


First Place: Fabiola Shipley, "Sex and Sin in the Image of God"

Second Place: Mita Ramani, "Finding Eternal Light in Ever-Changing Darkness"

Third Place: Kristin Ringhand, "Reflections on Vanitas II, Rhapsody, After P.C."



First Place: Francesca Patti, Jewel Joy Stevens, America's Little Yankee Miss

Second Place: Maria Pope, "Freedom and Circumference"

Third Place: Halpin Burke, Psyche Led to Love



First Place: Reilly Kohn, Figures on the Rocks at the Edge of the Sea, or The Coast at Etretat

Second Place: Soren Kyhl: The Ashbaugh Madonna

Third Place: John Sheehy, "Shining a Light on War"



First Place: Kevin Wilkins, "Muller's Play of Human Sorrow"

Second Place: Sienna Wdowik, "The Way We View Them: Physicality and Juxtaposition in Jaime Guerrero's Encarcelados"

Third Place: Maya Jain, "Nydia, The Blind Girl of Pompeii"



First Place: Maura Cotter, "Darkness and Light in Noël Coypel's The Resurrection of Christ"

Second Place: Kevin King, "Guarded Knowledge in the Medieval Era"

Third Place: Elena Gacek, "Pillars of Faith: Intellect and Imagination in the Catholic Tradition"