2017-2018 Snite Museum of Art Essay Prize Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017-2018 Snite Museum of Art Essay Competition. In addition to being published in the journal Fresh Writing, the winners' essays are also published below. 

First Place: Patrick Hidalgo McCabe, "Wounds Left in the Earth"

Second Place: Olivia Barnard, "A Pomegranate: Fruit of Womb, Spirit of Life, Fruit of Virtue"

Third Place: Mary Killeen McCans, Nicole Miller in Repose


Previous winning essays:


First Place: Fabiola Shipley, "Sex and Sin in the Image of God"

Second Place: Mita Ramani, "Finding Eternal Light in Ever-Changing Darkness"

Third Place: Kristin Ringhand, "Reflections on Vanitas II, Rhapsody, After P.C."



First Place: Francesca Patti, Jewel Joy Stevens, America's Little Yankee Miss

Second Place: Maria Pope, "Freedom and Circumference"

Third Place: Halpin Burke, Psyche Led to Love



First Place: Reilly Kohn, Figures on the Rocks at the Edge of the Sea, or The Coast at Etretat

Second Place: Soren Kyhl: The Ashbaugh Madonna

Third Place: John Sheehy, "Shining a Light on War"



First Place: Kevin Wilkins, "Muller's Play of Human Sorrow"

Second Place: Sienna Wdowik, "The Way We View Them: Physicality and Juxtaposition in Jaime Guerrero's Encarcelados"

Third Place: Maya Jain, "Nydia, The Blind Girl of Pompeii"



First Place: Maura Cotter, "Darkness and Light in Noël Coypel's The Resurrection of Christ"

Second Place: Kevin King, "Guarded Knowledge in the Medieval Era"

Third Place: Elena Gacek, "Pillars of Faith: Intellect and Imagination in the Catholic Tradition"