Resources for Teaching and Research

Bring Your Class to the Snite

Looking at, thinking about, and sharing ideas about art extend course concepts beyond the classroom. No matter how general or specialized the content of the course, the Snite is committed to making experiences with its collection of world art accessible to all faculty and students.

Faculty members are welcome to lead their own explorations of the Snite for their classes or send students to the museum with class assignments. Snite staff members are available to assist with these self-guided visits or to lead and facilitate a gallery experience for classes. Faculty can also arrange access to see works of art not currently on view through a visit to the study room.

Contact the Curator of Education, Academic Programs at (574) 631-4718 or by email to schedule or to start planning your guided tour, self-guided visit, or visit to the study room.

Use Works of Art at the Snite for Scholarship

Whether you need to research an object in more depth or are looking for visual connections, the Snite supports faculty whose own research interests connect to works of art in the museum's collection.  Contact the Curator of Education, Academic Programs at (574) 631-4718 or by email for more information.

Learn More about Works of Art at the Snite

See an Overview of the CollectionsThe Snite Museum of Art is comprised of over 27,000 objects representing thousands of years of human expression from around the globe. 

Read Museum PublicationsLearn more about works of art in the collection in these featured Snite publications.

Attend Events at the Snite: Exhibition openings, lectures, and interdisciplinary events are an enjoyable way to learn more about works of art at the museum.  View the calendar for more information.  

Stay Connected to the Snite: Email hoyt.14@nd.edu to be added to the Snite listserv and keep up with opportunities and events at the Snite.