Sculptural Vessels by Bill Kremer

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This exhibition catalogue illustrates a show installed in the museum galleries from November 1-December 20, 2009. The images selected for the catalog were representative of the work displayed in the show Sculptural Vessels by Professor of Ceramics Bill Kremer in the Art, Art History, and Design Department at the University of Notre Dame. The Catalog out lines the mold process he used to produce the piece, detailed photographs  of 13 pieces, and a retrospective highlighting the artist's career history.

"I have long admired the ceramic work of Prof. William Kremer and the excellent ceramics program that he has built at the University of Notre Dame. Professor Kremer’s Exhibition is an outstanding body of work highlighting both his mastery of the material and his understanding of form. His sculptures, often reminiscent of classical vessels and the human figure, possess a graceful elegance and nobility of presence. Kremer’s wide range of personal interests, such as art, music, teaching and sailing, all seem to be the impetus for these pieces. His approach to the clay is direct, knowledgeable and passionate. Of particular note is his ability to embody his sculptural vessels with a painterly quality, emphasizing grace and fluidity of line that only comes with years of experience and hard work. The Vessels are both Sculpture and Painting, each working to support the other. This powerful exhibition is a fitting testimony to his life and work, contributing a mature offering to the contemporary Ceramic Art movement."

  • Randall Schmidt, Professor Emeritus 
    School of Art at Herberger College of Fine Art 
    Arizona State University

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