Parallel Currents:Highlights of the Ricardo Pau-Llosa Collection of Latin American Art

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"The Museum staff and I take great pride and pleasure in exhibiting and publishing contemporary Latin American artworks from the collection of Ricardo Pau-Llosa. It is our desire that this publication illustrate how the art collection is central to Pau-Llosa’s professional endeavors as poet, critic, and curator—and integral to the extraordinary  domestic space that he has created over the past thirty some years.

As Pau-Llosa explains:
I think of my home and collection as a tribute to memory theaters, those vanished wonders that historian Frances Yates elucidated in The Art of Memory (1966). Memory theaters resulted from an architectural conception of the imagination....the mind turned into a room filled with symbols, memory gridded and registered, so that the person entering the theater could glance upon the panoply and have refreshed all that he had forgotten he knew... Latin America’s art, so rooted in explorations of the Infinite, the Theatrical, and the Oneiric, is inseparable from a sense of memory and imagination as inhabitable spaces.

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