Eclectic Antiquity: The Classical Collection of the Snite Museum of Art

Eclectic Antiquity catalogDownload the Eclectic Antiquity catalog (2.9 MB PDF)

In the spirit of reaching the greater Notre Dame and South Bend community, the goal of these catalog entries is not only to present basic descriptions and vital statistics but also to use each object as a tool for engaging Museum visitors in the contemplation and appreciation of classical art, and as a key to examining one or more aspects of classical culture and contemporary scholarship. This is a teaching catalog, and it has been left to the initiative, creativity, and didactic goals of each of the contributors to choose and develop one or more issues or themes raised by each object. Most of these objects are presently in storage, but it is our hope that the publication of this catalog will help facilitate their further incorporation into the Museum’s permanent exhibition, perhaps even as a separate display of classical art.

Soft-cover copies of the 192-page illustrated exhibition catalogue are available to current Friends of the Snite Museum at the $100 level or above, or those who join or upgrade to the $100 level or above. To become a member, please contact the Friends Office at (574) 631-5516.

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