Stations of the Cross


A year after artist George Tooker converted to Catholicism and became a parishioner at St. Francis of Assisi Church in Windsor, Vermont, the church burned down in a tragic fire. His friend and pastor, Rev. Forrest Rouelle, asked Tooker if he could create works to be included in the rebuilt church. In 1984, Tooker created The Stations of the Cross on fourteen small canvases that were displayed on pillars around the chapel. In the Snite Museum of Art's collection, you will find Tooker's preparatory sketches for The Stations with each square showing hands as their focus. With a closer look, we can gain insight and appreciation for the time it took to create each of these works which still hang in Vermont today. 

Click through Tooker's works which are each accompanied by a scripture passage from the Good Friday Way of the Cross Led by His Holiness Pope Francis in 2018 as well as by a reflection written by a member of the Notre Dame community. For this Lent, take time by yourself or with others to meditate on each Station commemorating Christ's last day.

1992 073 001 V0001 Station

Our thanks to the members of our Notre Dame community who contributed written reflections: Fr. Pete McCormick, C.S.C., Director of Campus Ministry; Carolina Robledo ’20; Kate Barrett, Associate Director of Liturgy in Campus Ministry; Angie Hollar, Rector of Breen-Phillips Hall; MacKenzie Isaac ’20; Jennifer Newsome Martin, Assistant Professor for the Program of Liberal Studies; Josh Noem, Senior Editor, Grotto Network; Matthew Heilman ’23; Cristina Escajadillo ’23; Stacey Noem, MDiv, Director of Human & Spiritual Formation; Rachel Mills ’20; Fr. James Bracke, C.S.C., Staff Chaplin; Joseph Becherer, Director of the Snite Museum of Art and Curator of Sculpture; Rachelle Simon, Assistant Director of Community Standards; and Mariana Aguilar ’23.

First Station