A three-hour dedicated look at a single work of art.

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Looking to experience something new this semester? Sign up for Art180 to spend 180 minutes over the course of the semester with a single work of art. The average museum visitor spends mere seconds in front of work of art; we want you to take your looking to the extreme. We’ll recommend the works to choose from while you decide on your viewing schedule. Spend ten minutes a week for a short look or challenge yourself to a few long looks over the semester. 

For our campus community (Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s, and Holy Cross students, staff, and faculty): Let us recommend spending your 180 minutes with Kevin Beasley’s immersive installation Chair of the Ministers of Defense. Have another work in the Museum in mind? No problem. Stop by the Museum, pick up a stool, and spend time with anything on view in our galleries. 

Need to join Art180 from home? Choose a photograph from Touchstones of the Twentieth Century: A History of Photography at the University of Notre Dame. Peruse all of the works here. Once you have selected one photograph, email Bridget Hoyt ( with your choice to receive a high-resolution version of your work of art.

We hope that Art180 will be a new and fun experience. It might feel challenging at times, but we promise—there’s a big payoff at the end! Please feel free to reach out along the way with questions or reflections as you deepen your connection with a work of art. 

Sign up here to join the fun.