Tim McTigue

Tim McTigue catches his breath during a rare quiet moment in his office as he reflects on his tenure on the Friends of the Snite Museum of Art Board as well as his impending retirement from the board in June. 
His association goes way back to when his mother , Mary Ann McTigue was a board member. "I have been going to the Snite holiday event since the early '90s," he says.  "Quite frankly, it's my favorite holiday event.  It wouldn't be the holidays without it."
When Dick Stifel approached Tim to be on the board about 12 years ago, Tim says he was honored and happy to join the board. 
As a banker (he is vice president, administrative division of GreenStone Farm Credit Services, Berrien Springs), he was a natural for the board's financial committee.  He was also instrumental in recruiting new board members.  "I feel that's where I added the most value.  I grew up here and know a lot of people," Tim says. "There are a lot of hidden gems in the arts community.  You have to reach out to let the community know about them."
Of course, there's that annual holiday event fundraiser, for which he and his wife, Deirdre, have volunteered. For all intents and purposes, she could almost be considered a board member. "I tip my hat to Deirdre.  She's been very involved; it's been a joint effort," he explains.  "I couldn't have done it without her."
Charles Loving, museum director, recalls working with the McTigue’s on a holiday benefit. "I especially enjoyed working with Tim and Deirdre on the Christmas Benefit menu committee.  We had great fun tasting options, creating the final menu and determining how best to arrange food on plates." 
The McTigue’s have three children, Madeleine, a student at Marian High School, and Daniel and Liam, at St. Pius. Their activities keep Tim and Deirdre hopping, contributing to his hectic schedule.
As Tim's time winds down, his Snite "friends" express gratitude. Suzanne Cole, president emerita, comments, "Tim has been a faithful member of the Friends for a long time.  He was very instrumental in heading up the underwriting for the benefit."  Loving echoes her sentiment. "Tim has been an ideal Friends board member. He is remarkably affable, always gracious and a joy to work with." 
Tim acknowledges that it was not an easy decision. "It's difficult to step away. It's been a big part of my life.  But I work in Michigan and it's been difficult to get to meetings," he says. "I have been on several boards and this board is, by far, the best board I've been on."
Becky Emmons Friends Board of Directors
June 2015