Susie Farrington

Susan Farrington

Susie with some of her favorite pieces in the Virginia A. Marten Decorative Arts Gallery.

Susan Farrington—called Susie by her friends—is the President-elect of the Friends of the Snite Museum Board of Directors.

Born in South Korea, Susie was six years old when her family relocated to the United States so that her father could accept a teaching position at Columbia University Law School in New York City. Although Susie describes her childhood family as holding tight reins on activities and behavior, she was allowed the freedom to explore the city unaccompanied. She started riding the Manhattan subway on her own at age eleven. Her destinations were often such iconic museums as the Museum of Modern Art and The Guggenheim and, due to those experiences, Susie considers herself a lifelong museum-hopper.

Susie pursued undergraduate studies at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. After graduation, her family gave her two choices for graduate school—law or medicine. Susie chose law and received her JD from George Washington University in Washington, D.C. In her first position as a young attorney, Susie met her husband, Jim, who worked at the same firm. Five years ago, Susie and Jim moved to South Bend when Jim accepted a teaching position at the Notre Dame Law School, where he continues to teach even in his retirement. The couple has two adult children.

Upon her arrival in South Bend, Susie was drawn to the Museum, and she connected further to the Snite in 2017 by accepting a position on the Friends of the Snite Museum Board of Directors. Susie’s favorite artworks in the collection are the seventeenth-century porcelains, objects she appreciates for their design and intricacy. As an art lover all of her life, Susie wanted to study architecture and art instead of the law; now, she can continue her love of art and design through such creative activities as painting, drawing, crafts, interior design, and decorating. She also likes the challenge of finding and beautifying, as she describes it, “the worst house in a neighborhood,” and, to date, she has skillfully renovated eleven homes. A firm believer that every person has a creative side, Susie thinks the release of creative energy is essential and should be viewed as a gift.

Because of her early and frequent museum visits, it is not surprising that Susie highly values the educational programs at the Snite that, in her view, help foster art appreciation and creativity. Due to cuts in art programming in many schools’ curricula, the Museum’s programs provide visits that otherwise may not have been possible.


1994 004 V0001

Susie is excited about the new Raclin Murphy Museum of Art for the new gallery space it will provide and the opportunities it will offer for exposing the community and campus to more of its collection. She’s also enthusiastic about a forthcoming perk for membership in the new Museum; members will enjoy reciprocity (free admission) with a larger number of museums around the country than is currently offered. For these reasons and more, we know that Susie’s love for art and museum-hopping will only continue to grow.

Mary Kay Welle

Friends of the Snite Board of Directors

April 2021



Above Right: Pilgrim Flasks, ca. 1904-05, Della Robbia Factory (British), Glazed earthenware, Acquired with funds from William L. and Erma M. Travis Endowment for Decorative Arts. 2015.34

Above Left: Demi-Lune Bulb Pot, ca. 1810, Staffordshire, England, Tin-glazed earthenware. Acquired in honor of Mr. Robert Dunfee. 1994.004