Ann Dean

Deans 2017
Ann and Fred Dean at the 2017 Christmas Benefit.

Ann Dean, Retiring Board of Directors Member

Friends of the Snite Museum Board Member Ann Dean grew up in South Bend, Indiana. She and her husband, Dr. Frederick Dean, a native of Peoria, Illinois, have made their home in the South Bend area for many years and raised their three children. Now retired, Ann and Fred split their time between a home in Florida and a home on Diamond Lake in Michigan. Their three children have spread out geographically and now reside in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Colorado. 

Ann attended Central High School in South Bend and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Consumer Science from Ball State University and a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education from Indiana University. She taught Home Economics at Adams High School and later worked in the radiology department at Memorial Hospital, where she met Fred Dean. Ann credits her time working at the hospital with learning many important life lessons and perspectives; observing patients deal with their medical challenges gave her a true sense of what is important in life, lessons that have stayed with her to this very day. After her time at the hospital, Ann went to work for Crowe LLP in their recruiting area and worked there for several years. While she was at Crowe, she married Fred, who was then the Chairman of the Radiology Department at Memorial Hospital and a teacher at the Indiana University School of Medicine–South Bend during his long career.

Both Ann and Fred have been generous supporters of the Snite Museum of Art in many ways. Fred was a founding member of the Museum and continues his advocacy. Ann has happily served on the Friends Board for twelve years and plans to leave that position later this spring when her fourth term ends.

During her tenure on the Friends Board, Ann has participated and volunteered at numerous events hosted by the Museum. Her favorite is the Annual Christmas Benefit, which she considers a community event that many people look forward to each year. The funds raised from the Benefit support bringing art to the local community, a service very close to Ann’s heart. She is especially proud of the Museum’s various art programs and tours for school children that are part of its outreach. Other activities she fondly remembers are volunteering at Art Beat and at the Christmas ornament-making open houses.

While Ann does not have just one favorite work of art in the Snite Museum, she is very much drawn to the collections from the 1800s and 1900s, and she and Fred also very much enjoy the special exhibitions at the Museum. In thinking about the future Raclin Murphy Museum of Art, Ann looks forward to seeing much more of the permanent collection that the new facility will showcase. With a new location more accessible to the public, Ann believes the community will be better able to embrace and experience the true “hidden gem” on the University of Notre Dame campus.

Michael Riemke, Friends Board of Director

February 2021