Mike Szymanski

Some of Mike Szymanski’s fondest teenage memories are from his visits to the Snite Museum of Art.


As a member of the Lasalle High School Art Club, Mike was able to come and visit the Museum and share some impactful moments with his fellow club members. Mike explained, “I remember seeing an oil painting of French nobility with their children in the Bastille during the French Revolution, where the artist captured the prisoners’ haunting expressions.” He continued, “I could not believe a painter could be so talented. It made you think about what was awaiting the individuals who were captured.”

MS Art


It wasn’t just this painting that had an impact on Mike. He says he has long enjoyed touring different exhibits within the Museum and always spreads the word to his friends and colleagues about the great events and exhibitions occuring. When Mike was nominated by two friends to the Board of the Friends of the Snite Museum, he said it was a “true honor.”


By day, Mike spends his time at 1st Source Bank as an Associate Vice President. In his spare time, though, Mike loves creating art himself. He explains, “I have always had an interest in art and drawing and painting. In fact, while in high school, I was the recipient of a Scholastic Art Award!” Today, Mike enjoys drawing and illustrating. He has even completed illustrations for a children’s book, A Valentine for Adele.


Mike is thankful to be a member of the Notre Dame and Snite Museum community. When he is not checking out the latest exhibit at the Snite, Mike enjoys jogging around the lakes, visiting the Grotto, and “throwing a pretty great tailgate” before a football game - hopefully one parked in a spot close to the Snite so he can sneak in a quick tour with visiting friends.


Joanne D. Fahey, Board of Directors