Michael Riemke

Michael Riemke

Administrative Computing, Aerospace, Financial Aid and ART?

Michael Reimke has lived in Indiana his entire life, raised just north of Fort Wayne.  A little more than 30 years ago, after working in computer technology for General Electric’s Aerospace Division, and with degrees in Computer Technology from Purdue University and Business Administration from Indiana Wesleyan University in hand, the University of Notre Dame offered Michael a position as a Systems Analyst in their Administrative Computing Department.

Over time Michael transitioned from computer technology to management in the Student Accounts and Cashier Offices. Since 2009, he has worked in the role of Associate Director in the Office of Financial Aid.

Michael became involved with the Snite when Kelli Kalisik, a co-worker of his, approached him about being on the board, knowing Michael appreciates support given to education of all ages.

This year Michael is heading the Christmas Benefit Committee for the 2018 Friends of the Snite Museum Benefit Dinner, to be held at the Palais Royale on Thursday, December 6.  Standing next to Nathaniel Hone’s oil painting Cattle at Moldowney, 1890s, Michael shared that this year the annual fundraiser was honoring the Keough Family.

"This is a painting that was donated by the Keough Famliy, through the Donald and Marilyn Keough Foundation. They’ve been very generous to the Snite Museum and have donated several paintings, most of them with an Irish theme. It’s been wonderful to have them as benefactors and we’re so looking forward to honoring them at our benefit this year.”

Michael w/Irishptg 

 When asked what he enjoys most about the  Snite and its mission, Michael replied:

“One of the great things that happens here at the Snite Museum of Art is the community engagement, and especially the engagement that the museum does with the education of the children of the community. Many school groups come through the museum every academic year for the various tours and lectures about art and how to appreciate it, and also how to incorporate it into your life.  It’s a thrill to see some of the young children and how their minds just explode with imagination when they’re here at the Museum. To see that expand, and hopefully to instill a love of art at a very young age for these young children is fabulous.  It’s one of the best things that the museum does for the community.”

Juliane Morris, Board of Directors

November 2018