Kelli Kalisik

If you ever have the opportunity to chat with Kelli Kalisik, chances are you might be hearing about the Snite Museum of Art!

“I love it,” she says emphatically “I tell everyone about the Snite. I’m sure they’re tired of hearing me talk about it, but something will come up with a college, and I work with a lot of students and I’ll say ‘Hey, did you hear this is going on at the Snite?’”

Kelli originally hails from Florida and admitted when she came to Notre Dame as an undergrad the weather was a “huge adjustment”. Her love of Notre Dame and the South Bend community is clear, even though she’s sure she will never love the weather. Kelli found her way to the Friends of the Snite Board after returning from receiving her MA at the University of Michigan and joining the local alumni board Notre Dame of St. Joseph Valley. While serving on that board for eleven years, she got to know fellow board member Paul Stevenson, who asked if it was something she’d be interested in. Though Kelli admits art is something “out of her realms”, she was excited about the opportunity to do something different and new; that’s when Kelli fell in love with the Snite.

Last year, Kelli had the exciting opportunity to be the Chair for the Friends of the Snite Benefit Dinner, and though it was a huge task, she felt she had exceptional support from Mary Rattenbury. Kelli credits Mary with keeping everyone “organized and on track” and leaving the rest of the committee to decide the “fun stuff”, such as planning the meal and decorations. Kelli appreciates the Friends of the Snite Benefit Dinner as a unique chance for people to get dressed up and have an exceptional evening out. Even though she admits to spending large amounts of time on campus, with the beauty of the Morris Inn at Christmas, and the phenomenal decorations, Kelli was delighted with the evening. The evening went off perfectly with delicious food and great entertainment. The St. Mary’s Madrigal Choir performed in full costume and continued to serenade guests as they waited at the valet, while the Handbell Choir was pitch perfect.

When asked what her favorite part of being involved with the Snite Museum of Art was, it was hard for Kelli to name just one.

“I think people would be surprised at how much the Snite Museum of Art has to offer. The Snite is one of Notre Dame's best resources for the arts. In addition to enjoying the beauty and history in the collections, there is always something interesting happening at the Snite - from yoga in the galleries to our summer Jazz concert series.” She is also passionate about the education programs that allow thousands of regional schoolchildren and members of the community to experience the Snite, developing their own love and appreciation for the arts.

No doubt that love is why she will be serving as President of the Friends Board of Directors in 2018-2020!

Christy Burgess, Friends Board of Director