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...her dedicated service, and her joy. We will definitely miss our friend, Juliane Morris!

Tucked away in baby books collected by Juliane Morris’s parents are notes from her elementary school teachers, calling Juliane “resourceful,” “creative,” and “rebellious.” Did she know then that those adjectives would ring true throughout her life and career involving photography, graphic design, and marketing? Possibly she did, since art and art appreciation have been part of her life in many ways, from her time at age 21 contemplating Thomas Cole’s The Voyage of Life at the National Gallery of Art on her lunch breaks to the present. For Juliane, it is through art that storytelling, language, context, and interpretation intersect to find common ground and spark imagination.

It was very fitting that Juliane was invited to join the Board of Directors of the Friends of the Snite Museum four years ago. Serving on the Friends Board has combined her interest in art and art history with her efforts to enhance education and enrichment opportunities for our local community. While a Board member, Juliane has served as Vice President for Community Engagement, and more recently, Vice President for Programs. In those roles, she has worked tirelessly with Snite Museum staff members and fellow Board members to enhance the impact of Snite Museum offerings and share the stories of those who find value in being a part of the Museum community.

A Scene from the Fable of the Wolf and the Stork

Financial support from the Friends helps the Snite Museum fulfill its mission, particularly through the educational opportunities it provides to area school children who visit the Museum. Those cross-cultural and multidisciplinary experiences, in Juliane’s words, “help guide young minds to think freely, to explore openly, to understand history, to appreciate diversity, and to challenge human positioning.” However, as Juliane attests, children are not the only ones to benefit from delving deeper into the meaning found in art. One of her favorite pieces among the vast collections at the Museum is a hard-paste porcelain dessert plate decorated with A Scene from the Fable of the Wolf and the Stork. Though usually attracted to more modern and contemporary art and religious works, Juliane was inspired to explore the fable in detail due to the color, design, and symmetry of this particular early-nineteenth-century work. Moreover, Juliane enjoys the surprises found on the frequent Art and Architecture bus tours hosted by the Museum.


Juliane is particularly excited about the upcoming transition to the new Raclin Murphy Museum of Art that is currently under construction adjacent to the Museum’s Charles B. Hayes Family Sculpture Park. The new museum will serve as a bridge connecting the university and the local community and, as a more easily accessible venue, it will allow greater numbers of people to experience the museum’s “visual inventory for awe-inspiring reflection about our identity and purpose and our time and place in the world,” Juliane notes. She worked for many years at 1st Source Bank, and she is inspired by the Murphy family’s commitment to education and engagement opportunities.

Updated Juliane
Hello from her new west coast home!

Sadly, Juliane will be relocating soon to be closer to family in California. The Board will greatly miss her but long remember her vision for the work of the Friends, her dedicated service, and her joy. We know that she will follow with interest and support the changes now underway for the Snite Museum of Art and the Raclin Murphy Museum of Art. We all wish her the very best.

Andy Wendelborn

Friends Board of Director

February 2022

Pictured above: Dessert Plate with a scene from the fable The Wolf and The Stork, 1805, Hard-paste porcelain and gilt, Sèvres Manufactory, Sèvres, France.  Acquired with funds provided by Dr. and Mrs. R. Stephen Lehman. 2001.006