Dana Trowbridge

Dana Trowbridge's passion for life readily becomes obvious ... and infectious. And one of the happy recipients of this passion is the Friends of the Snite Museum of Art.

It may seem like an odd fit for a guy who basically flunked art in middle school. "I got kicked out of art in eighth grade; they recommended typing," Dana jokes, displaying his trademark broad grin, then quickly adds,  "But my interest in art has never waned.  I love art.  I love going to art museums.  I can't do it myself but I have a strong appreciation for those who can."

He says he might be able to attribute his outgoing personality to the fact that as a child, he moved around a lot due to his father's work in sales. Born in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, he lived in Milwaukee, Golden and Colorado Springs, CO., and New Jersey before ending up in South Bend.

"It's great!  Now I have friends all over!" he says, adding that moving around as a child can have two effects on a person -- it can make them extraverts, reaching out to people, or introverts who shy away from making new friends.  Dana became the extravert and has enthusiastically embraced a couple of careers including restaurant management and insurance and mutual funds before landing in banking, which he loves.

After getting degrees in management administration and finance from Indiana University South Bend, he has worked for a few banks and is now Vice President of Business Banking of First State Bank, "a wonderful small, community bank" headquartered in Middlebury; he works out of  their  Edison Lakes office. "I love my job. I wanted to get into banking to help people grow and prosper. My focus is to help my customers and connect them with other businesses. Their businesses will grow and that will come back around to help all of us," he says.

Married to Karen Nevorski, a trust officer at Lake City Bank, he has two sons, Collin and Ryne, and two stepchildren, Karenna and Davis. When he's not involved with family or work or his numerous community volunteer activities, Dana's likely to be found in the kitchen, admitting that he still carries an interest in food -- "Cooking is my number one hobby."

He enjoys volunteering with other endeavors such as the Gigot Entrepreneurship Center at Notre Dame's Mendoza School of Business, the SPA 504 Loan Program and REAL Services.

Beginning his third year on the Friends board, Dana serves as Vice President of the Community Relations Division. Under his umbrella are the Snite's Family Days and Third Thursdays coordinated with Sarah Martin, curator of education, public programs at the Snite Museum.  Special exhibition receptions and these Friends Forum articles that introduce the members to the community are under his leadership as well.

"I love the art camaraderie.  Everyone has different art interests and here they all come together -- the true artists, the art lovers, the art experts. The Snite is one of the best-hidden gems in the community.  It is a world class museum at a world class university and EVERYONE in the community should take advantage of it," Dana says, adding, "My favorite thing about the Snite Museum is seeing the inside people and the outside people being as enthusiastic as they are about art."

There it is again, that enthusiasm. 

Becky Emmons, Friends Board of Directors

August 2015