Angie Chamblee


The Friends of the Snite Museum of Art are very pleased to introduce you to board member, Angie Chamblee.  Born in Tuskegee, Alabama, Angie was just two weeks old when her family moved to East Lansing, Michigan, where her parents were attending graduate school. Angie first came to our South Bend area in the Fall of 1969 to attend college and then settled here after graduate school and marriage.  She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Notre Dame and received a graduate degree in Educational Psychology from Michigan State. Soon after graduate school, Angie returned to Notre Dame as an advisor in the Freshman Year of Studies and 38 years later she retired as the Senior Associate Dean of the First Year of Studies, specializing in transitional issues of university first year students.





“Visiting the Snite has been a highlight in my recent retirement.  I was with the First Year of Studies at the University for 38 years enjoying every minute, and in the early 80’s when the Snite was first opened, I would come over to find a peaceful space, especially right after final grades came in, if you know what I mean.  Now I have come full circle, finding that familiar peaceful feeling as I walk through the various galleries.”  Angie continued, “ My favorite painting is Nocturne, found in the Snite’s American Gallery. It is a depiction of nature at dusk.  Nature and the outdoors are my favorite aspects of life.  In this particular piece, it is the colors that strike me.  They are subtle, muted, quiet.  And it elicits in me, a sense of tranquility and safety.   Like that feeling when you close your eyes before sleep.



Another important dimension of the Snite is its gift it to the community.  Over the years, I’ve seen many changes.  In the beginning, I don’t recall the emphasis on community outreach but now I know there is a purposeful aspect of our mission to not only increase membership but increase awareness of the many opportunities for the community to discover the riches we have to offer.  The Snite staff does a beautiful job developing various activities such as the Family Night events.  Over the last few years, I’ve been involved in ornament making during Christmas, the Fall Festival at Halloween and even in the summer, at Art Beat.  I’ve encountered many people who’ve remarked about how happy they were that we were present at those events and also that we were embracing the community.




“Another important program offered has been the Art and Architecture Series.”  Angie explained.  “These are organized trips to areas of interest around the Midwest, for example, Chicago for the Frank Lloyd Wright homes and Grand Rapids for Art Prize and the Meijer Sculpture Park and Gardens.  These are only a few of the many activities that are sponsored by the Snite, and we look forward in the future to being able to offer more as we move into our new building.”


1957 052 V0002



“We are fortunate to have several Madonnas to view. They speak to me because the artists have the opportunity to draw upon their inner soul to show their interpretation of the feel, the shape, the meaning, of Mary and Christ. I like looking at the various aspects of the pieces …the leaning of the head, the feeling of the child, a mother’s love, a mother’s longing to keep her child safe.  These are all things I see in the various Madonnas on display.  My favorite one shows the closeness of the two characters.  I love the hands that gesture toward each of them, the child as well as the mother.  Warmth, love, the protectiveness.   The eyes also draw me in — they depict wisdom and knowledge of what may be for her an awareness of a troubled future for him. I enjoy coming to the Snite for many reasons.  The experience allows me to put my own feelings and impressions and meaning to pieces created many years ago.


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Angie also delights in being a "proud mother of two children and happily married to her husband Roland for 44 years." If you see Angie around the Snite sometime, please introduce yourself and tell her what you love about the Museum.

Juliane Morris, Snite Board of Directors

April 2019


Nocturne, Edward J. Steichen, American, 1891-1973, oil on canvas, Gift of Mrs. Frank E. Herring, 1957.007.009

Madonnas, left to right - Madonna of Tenderness [Theotokos Eleousa], 13th century, Unrecorded artist, North Italy, tempera on panel, Gift of C.P. and A.E.R. Schneider Jr. in memory of A.E.R. and Clara B. Schneider, 1957.052; Madonna and Child, School of Botticelli, 1444-1510, oil on panel, Gift of Mrs. Fred J Fisher, 1951.004.001; Madonna and Child, Gualitieri Giovanni da Pisa, early 15th century, tempera on panel, gold ground, Gift of the Kress Foundation, 1961.047.003