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This series of biographies of members of the Friends of the Snite Museum of Art is presented as an introduction to the Friends. Every few weeks, a different Friend will be featured.

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Cheryl Ulrich

Cheryl Ulrich

Cheryl Urlich’s life has taken her around the world.

From Illinois to Austria, Florida to Canada, she has now landed in Indiana. But with all of that transition, there has been one constant for Cheryl - her passion for volunteering for arts organizations.

She shared, “I love the theatre. So, during my family’s six years in Vienna, Austria I wanted to to find an outlet to give back to the community, while still working on something I truly love. Lucky for me, I found the Vienna International School.”

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Szymanski Mike

Mike Szymanski

Some of Mike Szymanski’s fondest teenage memories are from his visits to the Snite Museum of Art.

As a member of the Lasalle High School Art Club, Mike was able to come and visit the Museum and share some impactful moments with his fellow club members. Mike explained, “I remember seeing an oil painting of French nobility with their children in the Bastille during the French Revolution, where the artist captured the prisoners’ haunting expressions.” He continued, “I could not believe a painter could be so talented. It made you think about what was awaiting the individuals who were captured.”

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Kari Picture, sized

Kari Black

Kari Black is, first and foremost, an artist.

She said she believes that she has been an artist her whole life. When she describes what she means by this, she explains, “it is really a matter of how you think and see the world.”

It is this type of sensing, this artist’s perception, that has brought her to where she is now - an adjunct member of ceramics in the Art Department at Bethel College, as well as a teacher at the South Bend Museum of Art. 

Teaching, whether art or anything else, is really about helping students learn to recognize the questions to be answered, the challenges to be surmounted, and then developing strategies for doing that. Sometimes that means learning skills and techniques, but always it means developing the capacity for problem-solving,” said Kari when discussing her life as a teacher.

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Cindy Dunn Friend

Cindy Dunn

Although her career began in the fields of finance and banking, Cindy Dunn has long loved the art world.


“I think I have always been interested in art,” she says. So much so that she did her undergraduate degree in Interior Design, completing a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts at the University of Memphis. While a busy student at Memphis she also managed her own interior design company, being in the right place at the right time, commercial and residential clients found her.

She also had two booths in an antique mall. “The booths were a perfect way for me to realize my dream of owning a gift and antique shop,” Cindy said. “Plus, it was an ideal way for me to take what I learned in my BFA and put it into action.”

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