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Halloween Eve Family Night

Family Days or Nights

A great opportunity for families to come together to learn, to appreciate art, and to practice art making.



Varying activities that focus on the college students' experience in the Museum.

2014 HS Art day_drawing

High School Art Day

Over 25-year old tradition bringing area high school students to Notre Dame to experience art at the collegiate level and learn how to plan a portfolio for their continued education.


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The average museum visitor spends 15 to 30 seconds in front of a work of art; we want you to defy that statistic. The Snite Museum invites you to spend 180 minutes over the semester looking at a single work of art in the Museum. You choose the art and you decide how frequently you visit your work. Come in for tem minutes each week or spend one three hour stretch with your work. Grab a stool or a cushion and settle in to journal, sketch, or simply look. 

Yoga in the Gallery

Yoga in the Gallery or in the Coutyard

Held in conjunction with Rec Sports to combine the serenity of our surroundings with exercise to show the benefits of a focused life.