Native American

Man's Shirt, c 1850
North Dakota
MAN'S SHIRT, ca. 1850
leather, porcupine quills, glass beads, feathers
Donor unknown

The Arts of Native Americans is one of the two segments of the Arts of the Americas collections of the Snite Museum of Art. It includes materials dated to before and after contact with travelers and settlers from Europe and Africa. Highlights are early nineteenth-century Plains Indian painted war records and costumes. Also featured are Mimbres and Anasazi painted ceramics from the prehistoric Southwest.

View a catalog of an exhibition of Native American art at Snite Father Lindesmith Part 1 (7.37 MB PDF) and Snite Father Lindesmith Part 2 (9.57 MB PDF)

The Snite Museum of Art permanent collection gallery that formerly featured selections from our Arts of Native North America Art Collection is being utilized fall semester 2018 for a large traveling exhibition that requires four contiguous galleries: Solidary and Solitary: The Joyner/Giuffrida Collection. It provides a new perspective on the critical contributions black artists have made to the evolution of visual art from 1940s to the present.  More information on Solidary and Solitary is available on our current exhibitions page.
In November 2018 a few Native American traditional artworks will be displayed in the Annenberg Auditorium Lobby Gallery so that we can share these works with campus audiences and area schoolchildren. 
February into March 2019 the Museum will have on view in our O’Shaughnessy Galleries a special exhibition of selections from our collection of artworks by contemporary Native American artists.
Before we reinstall a Native American Art Gallery that includes nineteenth-and-early-twentieth-century Native American art objects in our collection, the exhibition will be reimagined using different objects so the previously exhibited light-sensitive textiles and clothing items made from painted or beaded animal skins can “rest” within a dark storage space to prevent fading the natural dyes.
Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s College faculty members who would like their students to view specific objects in our collection should contact Bridget Hoyt, Curator of Education, Academic Programs, at least two weeks (and preferably three) in advance of the date of the class session (