Eugène Boudin, Le Port de Camaret, 1872

L2014 004 002 V0001 600Eugène Boudin (French, 1824–1898), Le Port de Camaret, 1872, oil on canvas. 28.24 x 38.38 inches. Gift of José Fernández-Richards, Juan C. Fernández-Richards, and Miguel Fernández-Richards, 2016.027.002

Best known for his paintings of the seaside, such as this view of a port village in Brittany, Boudin is regarded as a transitional figure between the Barbizon artists and the impressionists. He was a proponent of painting en plein air (outdoors), a practice he encouraged his friend, Claude Monet, to undertake. In this painting, Boudin approaches the subject in an objective manner with no attempt to romanticize or moralize the scene. The scientific interest in the atmospheric conditions presented by the cloudy sky and the sketch-like quality of the final work became hallmarks of a new style of painting.

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