Laura Rieff

Rieff Laura 600

Name: Laura Rieff
Position: Administrative Assistant
Email Address:

What is the most rewarding aspect of your position?:
Helping people. Whether it is helping Museum staff with various tasks or answering a caller's question, it is rewarding to be helpful. I especially enjoy helping guests attending Snite events or traveling on Friends bus trips.

How did you get into museum work?: 
The nature of my position is not museum specific. A friend of mine that had worked at the Snite recommended I apply for a part-time position. That turned out to be great advice. I have an untrained appreciation for beautiful works of art and enjoy working steps away from so many beautiful treasures.

Favorite work in the Snite Museum of Art?:
There are so many beautiful works in the Museum that it is really hard to pick just one. A piece I would love to have hanging in my home would be "Nocturne" by Edward J. Seichen. I love the colors and how the artist was able to create a misty, moonlit, and magical looking place. It looks like the perfect place to look for unicorns or fairies.