Hanna Bertoldi

Bertoldi Hanna

Name: Hanna Bertoldi
Position: Collections Database Coordinator
Email Address: hbertold@nd.edu
Phone Number: (574) 631-0103

What is the most rewarding aspect of your position?:
I manage the collections management database, EmbARK, including developing and implementing strategies for data cleanup. I am currently working towards The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Grant with Hesburgh Libraries to create a unified preservation and exhibition platform for library and museum collections. The most rewarding aspect of my position is helping people who are interested in our collection. Most of my work happens behind-the-scenes, but, when it results in being able to readily find information to answer people’s questions, I get the satisfaction of knowing that my efforts expand our understanding of the Snite’s collection.

How did you get into museum work?: 
Originally from Hartford, CT, I have a B.A. in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History from Franklin & Marshall College and an M.A. in Artefact Studies from the Institute of Archaeology at University College London. I specialized in central Italian Iron Age funerary rituals and spent summers working on an Etruscan site in Tuscany. My background in archaeology informs my technical approach towards collection management and has enabled me to navigate many different museum and library jobs before working at the Snite.

Favorite work in the Snite Museum of Art?:
We have a watercolor by a little-known, local artist named Francis Chapin. The vibrant picture is of the Romanesque cathedral in Agnani, a small town south of Rome in the region of Lazio. The complex architecture of the church dominates the composition. Tiny figures in the foreground give you a sense of scale and remind me of the sense of awe I feel when I am in the presence of a historic structure. The work encapsulates my enthusiasm for Italian culture and my admiration for the watercolor technique.