Elizabeth Zapf

Zapf Liz

Name: Liz Zapf
Position: Senior Financial Analyst
Email Address: ezapf@nd.edu
Phone Number: (574) 631-4725

What is the most rewarding aspect of your position?:
The variety of responsibilities and the opportunity to support and learn about all areas of the Museum. My goal is to make the financial operations of the Museum run seamlessly for the staff and leadership at the Snite as well as for our outside vendors and the University Administration.

How did you get into museum work?: 
I consider my first museum work to be the 10 years that I spent as a volunteer docent for the Chicago Architecture Foundation where my "museum" was the buildings and history of downtown Chicago. I enjoyed the Art History courses that I took while I was an Accounting undergrad at Notre Dame but didn’t think of getting a minor or know that there may have been career possibilities.  I first worked with the Snite staff about 15 years ago when I was their Human Resources Liaison.  When the accountant position opened up, it fit well with my philosophy that accounting work is more interesting when you are doing it for an interesting organization. I have been at the Snite since January 2016.

Favorite work in the Snite Museum of Art?:
My favorite work is a French etching acquired in 2017 which has not yet been out on public view (I am hoping that it will be included in a fiber arts related exhibition someday!). Dans les Landes portrays a shepherd on stilts knitting a sock on double-pointed needles while his two sheepdogs and several sheep mill about on the ground. I thought that the hilly background explained the use of the stilts for better visibility by the shepherds but a little research led me to learn that the Landes section of southern France became very swampy after a rain so the locals used stilts both to be able to take larger steps when they needed to move swiftly and also to make it easier to move through boggy damp areas. So far I have not knit anything while on stilts but it could still happen!