Brittany Hild

2021pe Br0003

Name: Brittany Hild
Title: Collections Database Coordinator
Phone: (574) 631-0103

What is the most rewarding aspect of your position?
Making the collections accessible! Part of my job is cleaning up database files for upload onto the MARBLE platform. MARBLE is the online platform for the public to access digitized information about pieces from the Snite Museum of Art’s permanent collection, as well as materials from the Hesburgh Libraries. With an incredible collection of about 30,000 objects and only about 1,500 on display, this online platform is crucial to increasing the public’s accessibility to the collections. Another part of my job is maintaining the database system for the staff to use, making sure that everyone has access to the information that is critical for their job functions. Being able to help my colleagues with their daily tasks (such as preparing new exhibitions to go on display!) definitely increases the sense of teamwork and comradery.

How did you get into museum work?
During my undergraduate studies in history, I came across the Museum Studies Club on campus. After attending one meeting I was hooked! I joined the Museum Studies program the next semester, and I haven’t looked back since. While getting my undergraduate degree I interned at the National Museum of Ireland, helping with their large-scale collections move, and I fell in love with museum collections management. During my graduate program in Museum and Gallery Studies I became fascinated with collections database systems, and the potential they hold. As someone who loves museums, I appreciate the capacity of database systems to make collections accessible to all. With the added bonus that working with the database system lets me discover the hidden pieces in the collections.

What is your favorite work of art in the Snite Museum of Art’s collection?
Paul Henry (Irish, 1876-1958), Lakeside at Connemara, 1935-1945, oil on board. Gift of the Donald and Marilyn Keough Foundation, 2019.001.003. The painting depicts a group of white thatch-roofed cottages along a lakeside, with dark blue-gray mountains in the background, and a large sky with cumulus clouds bearing down upon the mountains. This image is characteristic of rural Ireland, and specifically the Connemara region. It reminds me of the beautiful summer I spent in Ireland, and takes me back to the scenic tour through the Connemara countryside.