There's No Place Like Time: A Novel You Walk Through

Author: Gina Costa

There’s No Place Like Time:  A Novel You Walk Through

A Retrospective of Video Artist Alana Olsen


A Multimodal Installation by Lance and Andi Olsen


September 1 – December 1, 2018


Snite Museum of Art, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN

An interplay of videos, texts, objects, and interventions, There's No Place Like Time is a multimodal installation translating the life of Alana Olsen—a fictional character plucked from Lance Olsen’s novel Theories of Forgetting—into three-dimensional reality that will be on view in the Snite Museum of Art from September 1 through December 1.


Andi and Lance Olsen's collaboration takes the form of a retrospective of Alana’s videos, created over a span of forty-some years, the later ones revealing her attempts to incorporate such innovative techniques as erasures, dubbed narrative, and words as images. Alana’s fictional daughter Aila, an art critic and conceptual artist, appears as the exhibition curator; through Aila, we receive biographical information describing Alana’s evolving aesthetics, a context for her development as a video artist, and an exhibition catalogue.


Theories Of Forgetting 900

There Is No Place Like Time