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Transitory Waterscapes

Author: Gina Costa

Landscape Paintings and an Evaporation Pool

By Danae Mattes

August 9 to December 6, 2015

These beautiful landscapes are the artist’s personal “maps” of time spent within nature, formal equivalents to the experience of moving through the landscape.   She combines “materials and methods that are, in themselves, directly extracted from the earth and which interact in ways that are inherent to their physical properties.”  That is, the paintings are created from natural materials (clay, fiber, and pigments), where shapes, patterns, and forms are revealed through natural processes––such as evaporation causing clay to dry and crack, and gravity moving water-based pigments across sloped canvases.


Mattes will also install an evaporation pool within the gallery.  Liquid clay will be poured into a clay basin on the gallery floor.  As the water evaporates from the clay over days and weeks, the various clays used will create distinct cracking and tonal patterns.


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Counter Archives to the Narco City

Author: Gina Costa

Counter-Archives to the Narco-City

August 16 to December 13, 2015


Counter-Archives to the Narco-City is a curatorial project on art and human rights, co-curated by Tatiana Reinoza and Luis Vargas-Santiago, that offers alternative views to the media spectacle of narco-violence in the Americas. Hosted at both the University of Notre Dame’s Snite Museum of Art and the Notre Dame Center for Art & Culture, the first edition of this ongoing project features the work of visual artists Adriana Corral and Alma Leiva and focuses on the counter-archives of two cities: Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, and San Pedro Sula, Honduras. These are two of the deadliest cities in the world, as well as industrial centers and migration points with thriving narco-economies that corrupt their political structures and terrorize everyday life. Rather than repeating spectacular images of violent public crimes, this exhibition aims to give voice to those who live intimately with violence in contemporary Latin America and document everyday forms of resistance against the societal structures that sustain the chaos.


The exhibition will include, Impunidad, Circlo Vicioso, 2015 and the installation, Within the Ashes, 2013, both by Adriana Corral, along with nine photographs by Alma Leiva from her series Celdas (2009–15).


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James Barry Prints arrive in Indiana

Author: Gina Costa

The William and Nancy Pressly Collection of James Barry Prints Arrives in Indiana

The Snite Museum of Art announces the acquisition of a significant portfolio of 28 prints by the quixotic Irish artist James Barry (1741–1806). Rich in symbolism and technically inventive, these new additions to the collection promise to enhance the University of Notre Dame’s position as a leading center for Irish, eighteenth-century, art historical, and trans-Atlantic studies. The artist’s dramatic compositions, grand scale, and heroic subjects offer visitors, connoisseurs, students, and scholars much to contemplate and enjoy.


“This is a first-rate acquisition of one of the most influential artists of the eighteenth-century British Atlantic world. It will be thrilling to see how our students in early American, Irish, and British history interpret such a rich and complex set of materials,” said Patrick Griffin, chair and Madden-Hennebry Professor of History at the University of Notre Dame.


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Natalia Goncharova’s Mystical Images of War, 1914

Author: Gina Costa

Natalia Goncharova’s Mystical Images of War, 1914

February 1 through March 22, 2015

In conjunction with a year-long commemoration of the centennial of World War I that began in September, the Hesburgh Libraries and the Snite Museum of Art team up to present Russian avant-garde artist Natalia Goncharova’s dramatic portfolio Mystical Images of War, published in 1914.


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ND Alumni: Sculptors and Professors

Author: Gina Costa

ND Alumni: Sculptors and Professors

through November 30, 2014


Each of the twenty-one Notre Dame alumni selected for this invitational exhibition has graduated since 1988, has held a position at an institution of higher education, and is a practicing artist. Their sculptural methods, materials and concepts very greatly, but this variety showcases contemporary sculptural practices and just some of the exciting strategies that sculptors are utilizing to address themes and issues through three-dimensional forms.

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Roaring Twenties Exuberance and Depression Era Extravagance

Author: Gina Costa

_Roaring Twenties_Exuberance_and_Depression_Era_Extravagance..pdf

Selections from the Jack B. Smith Jr. Automobile Collection

Four Classic Automobiles:  August 17 to November 30, 2014

Experience the exuberance of the Roaring Twenties as well as Depression era extravagance by viewing four classic automobiles on view throughout the 2014 Notre Dame football season.  Manufactured within the American heartland—Detroit, South Bend, and Auburn, Indiana––these classic automobiles epitomize American car design as well as technological prowess of the era.



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