In Dialogue: Henry Mosler, Forging the Cross

Author: Gina Costa

In the second of its occasional series of single-work exhibitions, the Snite Museum presents In Dialogue: Henry Mosler, Forging the Cross from January 10 through March 13, 2016. Curators invited scholars from various disciplines to give their insights on this hidden treasure from the Museum’s permanent collection in an effort to showcase the many interpretive possibilities a work of art can offer.

Visitors, too, will have an opportunity to add their voices to the mix by contributing their thoughts in a notebook in the gallery where others can read and share their ideas.“Museum staff are always looking for ways to engage their audiences and to empower visitors,” said Cheryl Snay, Curator of European Art at the Snite Museum. “There is no single, definitive response to a painting or sculpture. This exhibition demonstrates that different people can look at the same thing and arrive at different, but informed, conclusions,” she added.

Contributors include faculty and staff from the University of Notre Dame: Abigail Palko, Associate Director of the Gender Studies Program; Daniel Graff, Director of the Higgins Labor Program at the Center for Social Concerns; and William Purcell, Associate Director of Catholic Social Tradition and Practice.