YIELD Magazine Nº1

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Snite Museum of Art's first online magazine.


YIELD, searching for the collectable in the new age of photography.

Contents of our premiere issue.

  • Brett Abbott, Curator of Photography at the High Museum of Art
  • Shane Lavalette, Photographer
  • Peter Barbarie, Curator of Photography at the Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • Neil Winokur, Photographer
  • Barbara Tannenbaum, Curator of Photography at the Cleveland Museum of Art
  • Hank Willis Thomas, Artist/Photographer
  • David Acton, Curator of Photography at the Snite Museum of Art
  • Paulette Tavormina, Photographer

Follow us on Twitter @yieldmagazine for latest updates and other information related to collecting photography. Issues will come out semi-annually. Next issue this summer.

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