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This series of biographies of members of the Friends of the Snite Museum of Art is presented as an introduction to the Friends. Every few weeks, a different Friend will be featured.

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Cindy Dunn Friend

Cindy Dunn

Although her career began in the fields of finance and banking, Cindy Dunn has long loved the art world.


“I think I have always been interested in art,” she says. So much so that she did her undergraduate degree in Interior Design, completing a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts at the University of Memphis. While a busy student at Memphis she also managed her own interior design company, being in the right place at the right time, commercial and residential clients found her.

She also had two booths in an antique mall. “The booths were a perfect way for me to realize my dream of owning a gift and antique shop,” Cindy said. “Plus, it was an ideal way for me to take what I learned in my BFA and put it into action.”

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Louise Anella

Louise Anella’s relationship with the University of Notre Dame goes back to her college days.

“I was a student at St. Mary’s College, which is just across the street from the University of Notre Dame,” Louise said. “My husband, Steve, is a ‘Double Domer,’ so we have a long-standing love of the place.” Louise’s passion for the arts was kindled as a Belle, where she took regular art trips as a student. Nowadays she continues this practice of visiting art museums and exhibits, both at the Snite Museum of Art and regular trips to Chicago. 

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Kelli Kalisik Final

Kelli Kalisik

If you ever have the opportunity to chat with Kelli Kalisik, chances are you might be hearing about the Snite Museum of Art!

“I love it,” she says emphatically “I tell everyone about the Snite. I’m sure they’re tired of hearing me talk about it, but something will come up with a college, and I work with a lot of students and I’ll say ‘Hey, did you hear this is going on at the Snite?’”

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Pam Austin 2

Pam Austin

Pam Austin may not be aware of the connection she has with Michelangelo, who once said at age 87, “I am still learning”.

Talking to her, however, it becomes clear, because Pam loves to learn. A life-long Hoosier, she calls herself an “original Granger-ite”. After gradating from Penn High School, the “old Penn High School”, she emphasizes, Pam started working in the banking industry. Working her way up, she held many positions, and even though she was at a table she had worked hard for, she felt like she did not belong. 

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