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This series of biographies of members of the Friends of the Snite Museum of Art is presented as an introduction to the Friends. Every few weeks, a different Friend will be featured.

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Pam Austin 2

Pam Austin

Pam Austin may not be aware of the connection she has with Michelangelo, who once said at age 87, “I am still learning”.

Talking to her, however, it becomes clear, because Pam loves to learn. A life-long Hoosier, she calls herself an “original Granger-ite”. After gradating from Penn High School, the “old Penn High School”, she emphasizes, Pam started working in the banking industry. Working her way up, she held many positions, and even though she was at a table she had worked hard for, she felt like she did not belong. 

Read more about Pam.

Lorraine and Todd Bruce

Todd Bruce

A Nebraska native, Todd Bruce jokes that he never thought he'd ever live in South Bend, Indiana, or ever root for Notre Dame. "We always rooted against Notre Dame." Yet, today, he is one of South Bend's biggest fans.

He came to Indiana via Anderson College and moved to South Bend in 1998... Read more about Todd.

Barb Henry

Barb Henry

Barb Henry has a few items on her plate.
It's mid-September and she is working as interim manager at the South Bend Symphony Orchestra, today means a debriefing from the season opener, pulling together sales figures from that concert, and submitting a grant proposal. The symphony office, where she's been for seven years working in fundraising, is undergoing a bit of a change since the executive director, operations manager, and sales and marketing manager all left within weeks of each other.
As if her workplace isn't keeping her busy, she is also serving as chairman of the Friends of the Snite Museum's Annual Christmas Benefit Dinner Dec. 3 at the Morris Inn.  Read more about Barb

Dana Trowbridge 2

Dana Trowbridge

Dana Trowbridge's passion for life readily becomes obvious ... and infectious. And one of the happy recipients of this passion is the Friends of the Snite Museum of Art.

It may seem like an odd fit for a guy who basically flunked art in middle school. "I got kicked out of art in eighth grade; they recommended typing," Dana jokes, displaying his trademark broad grin, then quickly adds, "But my interest in art has never waned. I love art. I love going to art museums. I can't do it myself but I have a strong appreciation for those who can. Read more about Dana


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